About Coaching

How and why does coaching work?

All the different specialties within coaching work because people such as your self can benefit from the assurance, creative thinking, exploration, action plans, empowerment, self-confidence, and personal resources an effective coach can stimulate in you. One-on-one individual coaching is a highly personal experience where a safe environment is created in which you can comfortably share you wants, needs, and deepest feelings knowing that the trained person you are talking to will interpret your expressions free of judgment in positive, constructive ways. My stress and relaxation coaching is more effective than simply reading self-help books or listening to audio programs because you get real time questions and answers from me that are custom tailored to be applied immediately in your unique life.

I think this word formula sums up coaching pretty well:

Success Formula: (Clarity + Focus + Strategy) x Actions = Success

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Who are your clients?

My clients come from diverse walks of life: housewives, art gallery owners, auto mechanics, human resource managers, schoolteachers, poker players, stock brokers… What they all have in common is the desire to chart news paths for their lives using the synergy of our combined resourcefulness and creative thinking.

Here are some synopses of a few of my coaching outcomes:

After her divorce, I coached Cathy and she enjoyed greater peace of mind after she relaxed by realizing the important difference between being “alone” and feeling “lonely”.

Denise became more relaxed and confident after we worked through her time management challenges as she strived to balance her family life with her three part-time jobs.

Following our coaching sessions, Ruth was able to reduce her vulnerability to significant work stresses by mentally lifting herself up and out of the influence of negativity and mismanagement at the middle school where she has taught art for 36 years.

During my coaching sessions with Richard, he enjoyed many “Ah-ha!” moments about how he can transform bouts of weekend depression into social interactions and physical activities that increased his vitality and feelings of well-being.

Larry suffered through the betrayal by a friend, and he came to me specifically seeking “tools” that he could use to move through his anger and feelings of revenge. He identified with my suggestions of affirmations and journaling as actions he can implement immediately for his emotional stress relief.

Scott was challenged as a long distance father whose teenage son had been caught twice with marijuana by his mother. With my guidance Scott developed a “teen integrity building plan” that emphasized positive incentives for making healthy, safer choices instead of imposing more severe punishments.

Do you have any specialties?

Yes, I move my clients from the negative mental realm of being over stressed to the realm of re-establishing their peace of mind, then we continue their increased fulfillment by growing into the positive realm of creating a life full of relaxation and personal rewards. I work closely with my partners to identify and remove the sources and symptoms of stress in family relationships, money issues, love life, anxiety issues, fear of the unknown, job and career challenges, and other stress/conflict producing situations we all face more of in this fast paced, more complicated era of hyperstimulation. My clients are introduced to new personality traits they can shift to that can significantly strengthen their “Stress Steadiness”. While removing the pain of stress is a great accomplishment that improves their health and happiness, I also inspire my clients to explore how, when, where, and why they experience pleasure and relaxation so that they can share more positive, fun-filled experiences with their loved ones.

How long would we work together?

If you have only a few very specific issues you would like to explore with me, it is possible that you can achieve meaningful insight and stress resolution with as few as three sessions. If you want to achieve more comprehensive advancements in multiple areas of your life, then eight or more sessions might be adequate. Some people have found that coaching is so valuable and dynamic that they retain a coach for years as their partnership evolves and embraces new issues and situations. You can add sessions (minimum of two at a time) as you go, or sign up for any of the more extended programs I offer.

What do you charge for coaching?

You can see a complete description of my coaching programs and fees by clicking on the Programs Sign-Up page. My On-Call (up to two sessions per week) in the six-month sign-up program costs about $80 per 45- minute session (this is the most cost effective program) while my two sessions per month in a one-month program costs about $100 per session. My fees for the other programs are somewhere between these costs per session. Purchasing a longer-term plan gives you multiple sessions at lower fees.

Do you offer any kind of money back guarantee?

Yes, I offer a complete refund of all of the fees you paid to me for the current session you are in if you decide that the benefits you received from our coaching partnership do not justify the costs you incurred if you file such a claim with me within one week after completing a four session or longer program. Details are available in the “Welcome Packet” that I send to prospective clients.

How and when do I pay for your coaching services?

At my Programs Sign-Up page you can select a program and either pay for it with a credit card through Pay Pal, or you can register and mail a personal check to me. In both instances you are paying in advance for the duration of the program you are signing up for. If you prefer more information before your register, I can email or paper copy mail to you my program descriptions and services agreement (please request that I do so in the Contact info window). Once I have received your registration, I will contact you so that we can arrange the dates and times for our coaching sessions. If you have any questions, please Contact me (I’m very accessible and responsive).

What kind of people do you like to work with?

The women and men that I enjoy the most have unrealized personal growth potential that is blocked behind imagined barriers and limiting beliefs created by their egos. They’re stuck because they don’t have the mental tools to break through the stressful barriers of anger, fear, low self-esteem, isolation, and conflict so that they can get on with fulfilling their lives. With my focused provocation they grow into more adventurous and highly motivated (nearly fearless?) people who are willing to make bold changes that vastly improve their communications, integrity, professional and personal relationships, and feelings of self-worth. My favorite moments with my coaching partners are when they exclaim “Ah-ha!” in a coaching session to a fresh revelation that offers huge stress relief and relaxation opportunities that they can implement immediately. Check out my Testimonials to better understand how I have improved the lives of some of my coaching partners.

How is your coaching structured?

Coaching with me is done entirely over the telephone unless email is part of the plan or used for additional support. I encourage all prospective coaching clients to sign-up for my 30-minute complimentary coaching session. When a prospective client signals to me that he or she is interested in learning more about partnering with me, I will send a “Welcome Packet” of information that the clients reads and/or completes and sends back to me. Generally, after we have agreed on the 60-minute phone session dates and times, my client calls me to start each session. As partners, we engage in very active dialog where we carefully explore a wide range of choices that lead toward fulfillment of the client’s needs and wants. I provide a “Session Prep Sheet” that my client fills out before each session and emails to me so that we are focused on what the client wants to accomplish during each session. Significant purposeful growth is achieved through a carefully crafted sequence of steps that work for my client. Throughout our discussions I ask specific questions and make appropriate recommendations that move the client closer to his or her goals. At the conclusion of each session we discuss what was gained from the session and what the client wants to accomplish before their next session. We always track my client’s progress to make certain that appropriate stress reduction treatments are effective in creating improved calm and pleasure in my client’s life.

How is your coaching different from counseling or therapy?

Unlike counselors or therapists, who can maintain a somewhat detached relationship from their clients, I become deeply involved and committed to the well-being and growth of my coaching partners. It’s common for me to work and think behind the scenes between sessions so that my client can receive from me much more than just a listening board. Also, with my coaching partners our emphasis is foreword looking for positive choices, not backward looking for historical precedent of what’s not working. My Powerful Questioning is designed to provoke your Self-Discovery so that with my help you often find your own (hidden) answers to your important challenges. Also, some people are self conscious about “being in counseling” or “seeing a therapist”, a connotation that coaching does not have. Your empowerment leading eventually to your successful self-coaching is my goal.

What qualifies you to be a coach?

My academic qualifications include graduation from the Core Essentials Program at Coach University (one of the oldest and highest standing coach certifying organizations), my Certification as a Stress Management Coach (CSMC) by the Spencer Institute, and my membership in the American Institute of Stress. My bachelors and masters degrees in science have greatly facilitated my understanding of research, analysis, creative thinking, objectivity, and conflict resolution. My improv performances as a “Psyche-At-Trick” counselor at the Burning Man Festival showed that I have a gift for helping people find solutions to their problems, and my continuing education through ULD (the University of Learn by Doing) keeps me on top of the newest developments in personal growth and spirituality. However, my most important qualification for being a coach is my passion for sharing my creative thinking, vision, and wisdom with motivated people like you who are inspired to make changes leading to your greatly expanded fulfillment.

How are you unique from other coaches?

I am always aware that each one of my coaching partners has a unique life history and sets of personal values and goals that determine the client’s vision for his or her ideal future. For coaching, I don’t adhere to any strict templates. Instead, I use my experience and intuition to guide us in issue appropriate directions and depths. I am capable of compassionately going very deep to find new workable solutions to sensitive issues. Unlike generalist life coaches, my specific training in stress relief and relaxation allows me to efficiently zero in on my client’s stress symptoms and sources, then we work to demolish these problems so that he or she improves their peace of mind, emotional stability, personal effectiveness, relationships, and the abundant (but formerly elusive) pleasures in their lives. Also, I communicate with exceptional clarity and responsiveness, I offer additional support to you as my current coaching partner with no additional charge, and I also offer a money back guarantee to you for my more comprehensive coaching programs.

What’s the next step to working with you?

If you are ready to sign up for your complementary 45-minute coaching session, or if you are ready to immediately start your path of stress relief and relaxation, then please register for one of my coaching programs outlined in Programs Sign-Up. If you have any questions please email or call (Contact) me so that we can answer all of your questions and get you stared toward greater peace of mind and personal fulfillment.

Let the Adventure Begin!!!