How to Choose a Coach

I assume that you want the “fit” between you and your coach to be the best that’s possible: comfortable, productive, cost effective, personally revealing, motivational, and loaded with evocative new ideas and growth paths that can improve your life.

Here are some questions that I suggest you ask of each person (on the phone or in person) who you are considering hiring as a personal coach:

What makes you successful as a coach?

What kind of individuals have you coached in the past and why did they hire you as their coach?

What are your professional and educational backgrounds and credentials for coaching?

How do you determine who are appropriate clients for you and your approach?

How would you start your coaching relationship with me?

What between-sessions work am I likely to do? Can you give me some examples?

Is your coaching by phone, email or in person? How long are the sessions?

What are your fees, and what do they cover?

Can I get a few references and testimonials?

What value or benefit do you get from coaching me?

What benefit or value should I expect from this coaching relationship?

Why should I choose YOU?

The information you get can help you decide which coach to choose. But don’t just listen for the information: also notice how they talk and interact with you and how you feel talking with them. After considering these questions and others you come up with, ultimately you want to choose a coach who energetically feels the most comfortable to you and who seems to offer the most cost-effective “features” that will lead to your timely personal empowerment.