My Coaching Mission

My mission is for every one of my clients (maybe you?) to enjoy a fast start toward becoming their own best long-term self-coach for making lasting improvements in their health and happiness.

In our coaching partnership, we will work towards your reduced anxiety, worry, fatigue, self-sabotage, and irritability while we increase your vitality, emotional stability, communications, intimacy, self-confidence, and conflict resolution skills. Some of the steps we would take to reach this goal include your deeper self-discovery through my Powerful Questioning, and my Holistic Listening that hears your words as well as your feelings, attitudes, challenges, values, needs, vision, and unspoken messages. These we will prioritize so that you can reduce your inner conflict by focusing on your highest values while restoring your accountability and stimulating you to live your inner truth. By applying the principals of Emotional Intelligence, you would learn to conquer your emotional suffering by eliminating your cascading negative attitudes and limiting beliefs. That being done, you then are empowered to systematically demolish your stress sources as you replace them with a life full of personal rewards that has eluded you (up to now). You can shift from fear to freedom.

I will make good on the trust you put in me. In our coaching partnership you can enjoy all of the benefits that our collective wisdoms can bring forward. I am eager to share what I know about achieving the “good life” from me having lived more than 50 years with unusually low stress and high relaxation. “Building a Partnership for Your Reduced Stress and Increased Relaxation” is my coaching motto.

I’m an organic, sensitive/warm/caring person who uses technology only as a tool to maximize my effectiveness with my coaching partners.

In our coaching partnership, I offer to you the opportunity to dissolve many of the symptoms and causes of stress induced conflict you have in your life (work and family relationships, time management, poor self-esteem, disorganization, emotional instability, and others) by your learning of effective stress relief techniques that encourage you to live from your Higher Self. Then we get to the fun part of exploring how and when you can have regular pleasure-filled adventures with travel, sports, games, classes, and many other fun, routine-breaking activities that are carefully selected to add zesty fulfillment to your life.

Using our synergy to massage — in your favor — this Yin/Yang relationship of stress/pleasure is what I’m all about!

I am aligned with the Namaste Economics higher consciousness business vision, and I utilize some of the modern stress management techniques developed by the HeartMath Institute. You will find me to be compassionate with my understanding of your challenges, insightful for creative problem solving, organized and dependable as a business person, trained and certified to always serve you professionally, and visionary as a coach who brings out your strengths for mapping your life’s new action plan.

“It’s not wisdom until I share it.”

Mark E. Gibson

PS: As a result of decades of work on my personal and spiritual growth, I have been extremely fortunate to realize my “life purpose”: To Share the Spirit of Unconditional Love.

I’m ready to give – are you ready to receive?

Let the Adventure Begin!