Your Challenges Quiz

(Check all that apply.)

Are you discomforted right now by fatigue, anxiety, low self-esteem, irritability, and loss of productivity, or fearful of some prospects for your near future?

I have been trained to partner with people like you to help restore your mental and physical health by carefully identifying and wiping out your stress sources and symptoms while implementing an action plan that gets you off the stress treadmill.

Is it tough for you to take the good things in your life and make them absolutely great?

Using our Enhancement Synergy, I will work with you to develop news paths and actions that can further intensity the pleasures and passions you already enjoy, such as intimacy, productivity, relaxation, adventure, creativity, and your spirituality.

Are money and job issues tormenting you right now?

I’m eager to talk with you so that we can discover how we can empower you to capitalize on your strengths so that you gain greater peace of mind through your improved accountability, job performance, assertiveness, time and money management, and conflict resolution.

Are you missing out on fully enjoying the wonderful relationships and experiences in your life because your outlook has become too negative or pessimistic?

One of my coaching passions is to help people learn how to embrace their positive realties by guiding them through my “attitude adjustment” programs and exercises that are designed to reduce negativity and increase the joy of life’s pleasures.

Do you have personal or professional relationships that are strained because you are too “edgy”?

I work closely with my clients to remove their psychological “agitators” so that they can restore open and meaningful communications in their relationships by becoming patient, accepting, and nonjudgmental.

Are you stressed because there’s too much congestion and not enough time in your life?

In our partnership we would streamline your life by prioritizing your goals and improving your time management so that you can identify and drop the wasteful non-essentials that bog down your life.

Have you created excessive conflict for yourself because you have compromised your personal values?

To reduce future mental conflict, from our partnership you would create your Personal Values Framework that you would remain committed to as part of your new Self-Care program. We’ll work to tone down your self induced emotional suffering.

Can you change your perceptions of your negative experiences so that they become positive learning experiences?

Yes! You can significantly improve your happiness by learning to find the silver linings in what initially appear to be “bad” experiences. (A lot of people miss huge learning opportunities here.)

Is your restful sleep disrupted by worries or anxieties?

I’ll work closely with you to achieve fully restful, uninterrupted sleep by reducing your waking anxieties and annoying spikes of erratic nighttime mental activity.

Have you become too much of a pessimist for your liking?

With me you’ll learn how to apply the techniques power of positive thinking to create greater fulfillment and serenity.

Do you want relief from money, job, and family stress issues?

Through our coaching sessions you will discover new perspectives within your Higher Self on life’s major issues that present challenges for you.

Would you like to learn how to enjoy improved peace of mind that encourages you to take more time for greater relaxation?

By adhering to your life values and improving your time management, you and I can explore how and when you can spend more time relaxing instead of stressing.

Do people “push your buttons” too often?

Using specific exercises I prescribe for you, we will transform your uncontrolled, damaging reactions into thoughtful responses that best represent the Higher Self that you want to be.

Would you like to strengthen your emotional stability?

From the guidance you will receive in our coaching sessions you will develop an ego management plan so that you can remain emotionally balanced in any stressful situation.

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you could benefit from stress relief coaching with me. Please contact me for your complimentary introductory coaching session where we can explore how you can resolve your conflicts and achieve greater peace of mind.

If you answered “No” to all of these questions, you are enjoying a remarkably challenge-free life. Congratulations!