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Broken Heart Recovery – Healing After Grief and Loss
Awakened Planet – Coaching For Conscious Living
Peer Resources
Build Your Self Esteem
Ana Holub, Forgiveness Counseling and Peace Education
Blooming Rose Press, publisher of Lily G. Stephen’s wisdom novels
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Creating a Better World
Holistic Positive Living
What’s Right with the World
Byron Katie
Marianne Williamson
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Scientifically Designed Brain Games
Bob Proctor
Personal Growth Planet
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Consciousness Clarity

Stress Management

Professional Helpers for Stress Management
How a Life Coach Can Help With Extreme Stress
“Do I Need Psychotherapy?” Various Self-Tests
How to Select a Coach
Life Coaching Basics
Video: Art Therapy for Stress Management


Seven Ways to Get Fit Having Fun
Cute Cartoons, Funny Videos, Big Smiles
Relax for Success
How to Have Fun Making People Smile
Do Good, Have Fun
Relaxation Exercises
Video: How to Relax Before Going to Bed
Relaxation Resources
My Relax Place
Relax Your Stress Away
Get More Vacation Time

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PDFS from CoachU
Why Make Yourself Crazy?
23 Secrets to be Happy

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Mount Shasta Magazine
101 Marriage Secrets
Quick Tips to Reduce Stress and Increase Energy
Get More Done in Less Time!
5-Minute Time Management Tool
The EFT Manual
Deep Relaxation Audio Exercise from Sylva Life Systems (MP3 file)

Soothing Music

Erik Berglund- Angel Music
Crystal Singing Bowls
Sound Sleeping
Breathing Deeply by Toni Angelini
Relax Radio
Meditainment for Deep Relaxation
Inner Peace Music
April Avenue Music

Book Reviews

The Everything Stress Management Book by Eve Adamson

Yes indeed, it is the everything book about stress management. From causes, symptoms, mental and physical impacts, treatments, and very effective exercises and assessments, to developing a Stress Management Profile and building a Stress-Proof Body, this is the most entertaining, comprehensive and effective stress management book I have seen yet.


Raising Your Emotional Intelligence: A Practical Guide by Jeanne S. Segal

Getting Things Done by David Allen

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Mt Shasta Wesak Celebration
Marianne Williamson Events
I Create What I Believe


I Create What I Believe
Dr Phil’s Ten Life Laws