Speaking Engagements

For more than 35 years I have been bringing my messages of practical knowledge, inspiration, and motivation to people in business, college, community, and non-profit organizations. My presentations are energetic, entertaining, playfully flavored with humor, and highly interactive. I ask and provoke lots of deeply exploring questions with my groups, so everyone gets personal in-the-moment opportunities to contribute from their deeper selves in a judgment free environment. I provide assorted exercises and printed hand-outs that help attendees to record and implement what they have learned. Each program topic can be organized to take from 1/2 hour to 1 1/2 hours.

My audiences benefit from my insights, original thinking, growth challenges, stimulating inquiries, and my enthusiasm for people to bolster their personal effectiveness by fearlessly living their inner truths.

Speaking Fees

My billable speaking charges include travel time and expenses, costs for special preparations, and my speaking fee. I am a participant in the Namaste Economics revolution, which encourages greater levels of authenticity, integrity, purpose in business, and an intent to co-create a sustainable economic future. I align my strategies and coaching career with the positive conscious of sharing, so all of my fees are negotiable based on your ability to pay.

Some of the program topics I offer include:

“Supercharge Your Productivity” — Practical suggestions for improving your time management so that you can decrease your stress and increase your relaxation.

“The Challenge of Living Unconditional Love” — Guidelines for broadening your understanding of how living the values freedom, sharing, honesty, and forgiveness can guide you to your enhanced empowerment and unity with mankind.

“The Ultimate Growth Question: What’s the Best Thing to do From Here?” — A deep look into how truthfully answering this question breaks through our negative emotional limitations and allows us to make the most constructive and loving choices for our personal growth forward from the Now moment.

“The Leverage of Honesty” — Demonstrates how we can apply honesty to build our self-confidence as well as allow us to bravely approach our futures because we have no reason to feel vulnerable owing to our complete personal accountability.

“From Fear To Freedom” — Looks at why positive thinking and HOW (Honesty, Openness, Willingness) can create an enriched, free flowing life full of optimism and fulfilling adventure by wiping out pessimism and fear of the unknown.

“You Must Respect the Bell Curve” — Explains why and how it is futile for people to try to control the extreme left and right of any population sample in an attempt to convince everyone to think and behave the same.

“Build Your Personal Values Framework” — Shows how people can identify, prioritize, and live their highest values so that they can easily make more positive choices that create win/win outcomes in daily life.

Also available:

Selected topics in stress relief causes, symptoms and treatments.

Selected topics in identifying and planning for creative, healthful relaxation.

Previous Speaking Engagements:

Seminar leader: “Live Your Fearless Life!”, Burning Man Festival, August 2011.

Workshop leader: “Live Your Fearless Life!”, Shasta Spiritual Adventures, February, 2010.

Guest Speaker/interview, “Relaxation Tips for Single Mothers”, SingleMomDiva blogradio Q & A program, April 21, 2010.

Master of Ceremonies, “Wesak Festival” Buddhist celebration, 2009, Mt Shasta CA.

Facilitator, “The Challenge of Living Unconditional Love” discussion groups, multiple sessions, 2007 – present, Mt. Shasta CA.

Guest Speaker, “What do You Really Know?”, College of the Siskiyous, CA.

Instructor, numerous adult education classes, workshops, and field trips covering natural history and photography, 1982 to present, for various colleges and non-profit organizations in California.