“Mark’s gentle style and incredible knowledge empowered me to address my life coming from a place of peace and balance. I felt free to explore everything that was important in order to get the most value from our session. Anyone who wants stress relief and increased relaxation should consider hiring Mark Gibson.”
Fiona M., professional poker player

“Mark, thank you so much for meeting with me last week. I have spent a lot of time thinking about what we talked about. You recommended I make lists of what I want to accomplish and I have made one and put it by my bed. Every morning and night I read it and it encourages me to keep reaching for my goals. I have really thought about my being afraid of being alone and I have taken your advice again and am not using that phrase anymore. It is amazing that changing my mind set and trying to keep the negative phrase out of my vocabulary has helped me so much. I am now focusing on the positive of my future and not the scary part. Everyday that goes by I feel myself getting stronger and stronger.

“Thank you so much for your friendship and support during this trying time.”
Cathey K., art gallery owner

“For years I have had on-going problems with too much stress and anxiety. Mark is able to provide significant support and insight to what seemed almost impossible to solve. What I especially appreciate about Mark is that he clearly practices what he preaches. His suggestions and insights could only occur if he had ‘done the work’ himself.

“He gently but directly helps me see where ‘I stand in my own way’. These insights are worth their weight in gold. Then he invites me to explore different solutions. Invariably, we land on something that connects for me at both a deep level and practical level.

“Mark is clearly results oriented. He is helping me see where ‘I might have given up’ and then inspires me to take on the challenge once again.

“I especially value Mark’s deep understanding of my emotional blocks to reducing my stress and anxiety. Without ‘doing therapy’ we identify what those blocks are and then come up with solutions. He helps me hold myself accountable — in a supportive way — from coaching session to coaching sessions.

“Mark is a professional with high integrity — a sensitive, compassionate, knowledgeable, and insightful man. I am very grateful to be working with him on a weekly basis.”
Richard G., human resources consultant

“One of my challenges is time management. I worked with Mark to find strategies to better manage my time to free up more space in my day to complete daily tasks, but also to leave room in the day for down time.

“Most importantly, I learned about spending less time worrying about a particular challenge and instead focusing on the solution. More time focused on the solution helps me feel prepared instead of wasting time worrying.

“Mark goes about his session in a comfortable, caring, and non-judging way that is essential for making positive life changes. He will also listen attentively and ask guiding questions that focus on important issues.”
Alissa W., college student

“I recently spent a very relaxing one-hour plus with coach Mark. Our topic of interest centered around finances due to my present situation involving the financial crisis in the U.S. Mark listened to my home loan problems and he helped me put several things in perspective. Notable was his help with a basic budgeting worksheet that he graciously provided. I realized at once the clarity that I could gain with the program!

“Throughout the session, Mark remained calm and proved to be a patient and thorough listener while I described the stress that my money situation was causing my wife and I. My stress seemed to float away within minutes. I was encouraged to get home and put into practice his suggestions at once. I felt that he was very helpful and would encourage my friends to also work with Mark.”
Peter R., general contractor

“Coach Mark was an extremely good listener. He was as creative as am I about how to obtain a good fall start to my 36th year of teaching.

“I have been able to put my high school teacher thoughts out of my mind for most of the summer. This greatly reduces my stress as the problems in my work place are not things I can control. I have scheduled my next coaching session with Mark shortly after the school year begins after labor-day. That will be when I will need the support to keep myself re-focusing on a positive attitude to deal with what I see to be the error of my school districts ways. I found Coach Mark to be very understanding and supportive about the dilemmas that I encounter in the Public school work place.”
Ruth H., art teacher

“I liked how Mark co-created the relationship at the beginning of his call when he encouraged Denise to tell him everything that’s important to her and it will remain confidential.

“Mark’s acknowledgment skills were excellent when he mentioned she had some positive choices ahead of her. Denise responded by speaking excitedly about the prospect of achieving her vision. She had trust and intimacy with Mark throughout the session.

“Mark’s use of language was excellent. I think he has a wonderful way of expressing himself smoothly, articulately and succinctly. He also mirrored Denise’s tone and pace. I would say above mastery or strong mastery in communicating effectively.

“Mark was very strong at closing the session. He asked her a powerful question that elicited progress and accountability. He asked her what she got out of the session and what she’d be doing as a result. Lovely way to close your session with Denise.

“Overall, I thought Mark’s coaching is between average mastery and above-average mastery across the board and strong mastery in communicating effectively and setting the foundation.”
Coaching session monitored by Fiona M.

“Mark, I wanted to thank you for your professionalism, patience and insight during our session. I was able to gain a much greater insight and expanded perspective to the challenges I am facing. Also, I was able to generate a roadmap to resolve my situation that utilized the key concepts you shared with me. Your presence was reassuring, calm and professional. I would not hesitate to refer friends and family to you.”
Scott S., stock broker

“Mark did an excellent job coaching me and I definitely recommend him as a coach! I came to Mark knowing that I had to cut back on some of my volunteer work but wasn’t sure what to give up. I really didn’t even know where to begin. Mark immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. I could tell from this voice and demeanor that he really cared about helping me find a solution, even though we have never met. I felt quite connected to him. Mark intuitively understood me and listened deeply, beyond what was being said. His gentle and encouraging nature, coupled with his insightful questions guided me to a solution which floored me.

“I came to realize that the thing I least expected to give up is the actually the one that makes the most sense for me and feels right. I am not sure that I would have reached that conclusion without Mark asking some pivotal questions that helped me to see my choices from a different perspective. We strategized together to come up with guidelines for criteria that will help me in all similar decisions in the future.

“Thanks Mark, for a very productive coaching session!”
Denise M.

“Today I hired Mark to help me with a personal problem. I felt I needed some tools to help me work my problem of anger and revenge. My goal was to work the problem and money was NOT a factor. I felt that Mark would have the tools I NEEDED. I was right. My problem is less and in more control. Money well spent. Today is a better day because of my wise friend Mark.”
Larry A., auto mechanic

“What can I say of Mark Gibson? I walked into his office with questions about what a life coach is and skeptical in my mind but, I knew I needed guidance in my life. Mark was able to speak my language to help me see the parts of me that were holding me back and gave me tools to help me in my day. Mark Gibson has insight and vision to see past the smoke screens that I had set up for myself to hide my truth. He was able to point out to me simple ways of small changes to enhance growth and understanding in me.

Thank you again Mark.”
Matthew B., massage therapist

“Mark Gibson is a wonderful coach and friend to have if you are in need of some techniques for some R&R (rest & relaxation) or if you just need someone to help you see the other side of difficult issues. He has a way of making the difficult seem so simple. When I first met Mark I didn’t get the feeling that he was a “coach”, but more of a genuine individual that just has something valuable to share. His calm presence is inviting and he is truly a skilled listener. I recommend him to anyone who is ready to release the stress and embrace peace. Take advantage of his free offer to engage with you. You won’t regret it!”
Candi Taylor-Jeter, “SingleMamaDiva” radio talk show host